Biological Sample Tracking

Track the history of your biological samples though generations of pooling and derivation.

Sample Tracking in LabKey Biologics Software

Connection to Molecular Components Fuels Understanding

Biological samples tracked in LabKey Biologics are automatically connected to their molecular components, allowing teams to explore complex structural relationships between samples.

Visible Lineage Provides Downstream Insight

LabKey Biologics maintains a persistent connection between samples throughout their evolution, allowing teams to compare experimental results through many generations of derivation.

Integrated Views of Assay Data Enable Quicker Analysis

Assay data relevant to any particular sample is automatically connected to each sample’s LabKey Biologics record for easy viewing from sample detail pages.

Tracking Samples in LabKey Biologics

Batch Creation of Sample IDs

LabKey Biologics supports the creation of sample IDs individually or in batches. Users can register new samples from scratch or create child samples from parents already registered in the system. When generating sample IDs via either method, users can indicate the number of samples to be created, and the system will automatically generate the corresponding number of sample IDs according to the specified naming convention. 

Customizable Sample ID Structure

LabKey Biologics allows administrators to define a custom structure for generating sample IDs. Teams will often choose to include an indicator that provides human readable context about the biological sample, for example adding “ES” as the prefix for all “Expression System” samples. Another common customization is to add Dates and Counters to the sample ID structure to differentiate similar samples generated on the same day.

Registration Methods

Samples created outside of LabKey Biologics can be registered in the system using three primary methods: individually using the registration wizard, bulk upload via .csv or excel file, and via the LabKey API. Entities are checked for uniqueness and assigned a unique entity ID using any of these methods.

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