Cell Culture Media Registration

Media registration tools in LabKey Biologics promote pivotal standardization of cell culture media, increase efficiency of batch creation, and create essential end-to-end connection of data from raw materials used, to samples generated, to experimental results.

Media Components

LabKey Biologics supports registration for 4 different media entities: ingredients, recipes, raw materials, and batches.

Ingredients: Ingredients registered in LabKey Biologics represent materials that are available for use within the lab. These can include all chemicals, nutrients, and solutions used in media creation. When developing a recipe, users can choose from these predefined ingredients to expedite recipe creation.

Recipes: Media recipes capture the ingredients and their concentrations needed to create a batch, as well as the steps of the preparation protocol. Recipes created in LabKey Biologics help standardize batch creation.

Raw Materials: Raw materials are the individual bottles of ingredients that are used to create media batches. Each is registered in LabKey Biologics with its unique lot number to help keep track of lab materials used when creating mixture batches.

Batches: Batches describe each physical execution of a recipe, tracked individually and given a unique batch ID. Batches are created according to a defined media recipe and desired final volume. LabKey Biologics automatically calculates the quantities required of each ingredient. Batches require the specification of all raw materials used in their creation, helping teams connect the raw ingredients used to their potential downstream effects.

Connecting Media Components to Samples and Experiments

Tracking media creation in LabKey Biologics, including the lab materials used and the specific protocol used, gives users a complete end-to-end view of their research process. Teams can identify experiment results of interest, explore the lineage of a sample back through to the expression system that generated it, and view the raw materials used. This connection allows teams to answer valuable questions about the effects of various raw materials, recipe combinations, and protocols on cell viability, culture growth, and target protein production.

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