LabKey Biologics Entity Registration

Registration & Management of Biological Entities in LabKey Biologics

LabKey Biologics allows teams to uniquely register all types of biological entities. Unique registration of entities is critical to the biologics development process as it prevents the duplication of work and builds essential data relationships to support complex data queries and data-driven decision-making.

Standard LabKey Biologics Entities

LabKey Biologics supports the registration of 9 predefined entity types: molecule sets, molecules, molecular species, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors, and cell lines. When an entity is registered, the system automatically builds the connection between it and related entities. Users can then easily navigate between related entities and view entity lineage.

biological entity relationshipsCustomization of Entity Definitions

Customization options in LabKey Biologics allow users to edit the characteristics of predefined entities, add new entities and adjust/define the relationships between them.

Registration Methods

LabKey Biologics provides three ways to register entities:

  1. Individually using the registration wizard
  2. Bulk upload via .csv or excel file
  3. Via LabKey API

Entities added using any one of these methods are still checked for uniqueness and assigned a unique entity ID.

Learn More About LabKey Biologics

Interested in learning more about LabKey Biologics? Contact us and the LabKey team will work with you to understand your needs and determine if LabKey Biologics is the right fit for your research.

Take a Quick Look at Entity Registration in LabKey Biologics

Navigating Entity Types & Relationships

Registering Nucleotide and Protein Sequences

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