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Accelerate biotherapeutic development with LabKey Biologics- an intuitive suite of tools for biological entity registration, workflow management, and data exploration. LabKey Biologics provides large-molecule research and development organizations with deeper insight through integrated data and centralized management of biologics R&D workflows. 

  • Register and track molecular entities, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors, and cell lines
  • Connect design data to related multi-dimensional assay results for a complete data landscape.
  • Centrally manage biologics development workflows to help your team collaborate
Biologics registration software for large molecule R&D

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LabKey Biologics Entity Registration Software Tools for molecules, molecular species, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors, and cell lines

Biological Entity Registration

Capture structured definitions of all biological entities. With LabKey’s biologics registration tools, R&D teams can:

  • Keep track of molecular biology building blocks in a central bioregistry
  • Maintain relationships between sequences, cell lines, expression systems
  • Automatically classify biological entities and verify their uniqueness

Learn more: Biological Entity Registration

Sample Tracking

Link samples directly to details about their lineage and downstream analytical results. With LabKey’s sample tracking software tools, R&D teams can:

  • Connect sample data to details about molecular building blocks
  • Trace lineage of samples through multiple generations of derivation and pooling
  • View aggregated assay results for all test runs against the sample
  • Generate unique sample IDs according to customizable naming conventions

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Biologics sample lineage tracking software in LabKey Biologics
Connect sample information to assay data, lineage data, and target data

Assay Data Integration

Integrate experiment data from any assay, connecting results to related sample details and lineage information. LabKey Biologics’ assay data integration solutions allow R&D teams to:

  • Enforce consistent structuring of assay data to support querying and analysis
  • View assay results side by side with sample, target, and lineage information
  • Easily visualize and analyze results using native and external analytics tools

Learn more about assay data integration tools in LabKey Biologics >

Experiment Data Management

Centrally manage all data relevant to an individual experiment. LabKey Biologics’ experiment data management tools allow R&D teams to:

  • Automatically view all assay results for a defined set of samples
  • Monitor the progress of samples as they move through an experiment protocol
  • Attach related files and useful metadata to an experiment group
Group sample details and bioassay results to a single experiment in the LabKey Biologics software tool.
LabKey Biologics Media Registration Software

Media Registration

Define standard recipes and available raw ingredients to facilitate consistent media preparation. Register media batches as they are created, tying batch details and ingredients’ lot numbers to downstream results.

Learn more about media registration in LabKey Biologics >

Workflow Management

Streamline a variety of research processes, from assay request management to task assignment, with customizable workflow tools. A dashboard view of research operations helps identify bottlenecks and balance team member workloads.

Learn more about lab workflow management tools in LabKey Biologics >

LabKey Biologics workflow dashboard

LabKey Biologics Technology

Built on LabKey Server: LabKey Biologics is built on the LabKey Server platform, coupling its robust data integration infrastructure with an easy-to-use interface tailored to Biologics R&D workflows.

Learn more about the LabKey Server platform >

Integration Support: LabKey Biologics integrates with a wide variety of research tools including assay instruments, external inventory systems, electronic data capture applications, antibody classification services, and data analysis tools.

Learn more about instrument, software, and database integrations >

Developer Friendly: Create your own modules in LabKey Biologics to support your organization’s unique research objectives.

API Accessible: Extend and customize LabKey Biologics to meet your unique needs using the LabKey Server client APIs.

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Creating a "Single Source of Truth" for Biologics Data at Just Biotherapeutics

Just Biotherapeutics partnered with LabKey to develop a “single source of truth” for biologics registration, sample tracking, and workflow management at Just.

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