LabKey Biologics

LabKey Biologics

Accelerate the discovery of biologic insights

LabKey Biologics accelerates the discovery of scientific insights by enabling the integration and exploration of biologic data. This flexible software solution provides a suite of intuitive tools for entity registration, workflow management, and data exploration designed support large molecule R&D processes. The intuitive, easy-to-use LabKey Biologics interface eases the execution of individual steps in the development process, and provides holistic visibility of the complete workflow.

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Gain Deeper Insight with Integrated Data

Create a complete data landscape for exploration using LabKey Biologics’ built-in tools to record and query many generations of proteins, genes and physical samples, and connect molecular biology design data to related multi-dimensional assay results.

Enable Effective Large Team Collaboration

Large teams can be your most valuable asset or your most painful bottleneck. The LabKey Biologics software solution provides a central platform to manage operations and communicate with team members, helping your team collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Standardize Tasks for a Streamlined Workflow

LabKey Biologics helps teams standardize and facilitate individual tasks as well as providing teams a central view of their entire development workflow. This holistic visibility allows teams to identify areas in need of improvement and produces actionable insights needed to refine and optimize processes.

Prepare Today for the Science of Tomorrow

As biologic science continues to evolve, enterprise systems must adapt to meet changing needs. Build a foundation for future growth and extension with LabKey Biologics’ flexible data model and development platform, enabling you to refine workflows and integrate new data types to meet changing needs.

Consistently track biologic entities with LabKey Biologics' entity registration system, preventing duplication and building valuable data relationships.

LabKey Biologics Biologic Entity Registration Tool

LabKey Biologics supports the registration of all critical biologic entity types enabling comprehensive reporting on all biological targets. The LabKey Biologics platform is equipped with standardized registration tools as well as extensive customization options that allow users to adjust the definition of existing entities, delete entities that are not relevant to the users research, add new entity types and define relationships between entities.

Standard entities include: molecule sets, molecules, molecular species, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors, and cell lines.

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Present assay results alongside related sample details, lineage, and targets creating a complete dataset for easy exploration in LabKey Biologics.

Connect sample information to assay data, lineage data, and target data

LabKey Biologics supports the integration of both custom assay designs and instrument specific assay designs. Using the LabKey general purpose assay type, any tabular instrument data or assay analysis workflow can be easily imported into LabKey Biologics and integrated with related entity registration data. LabKey Biologics also provides specialized tools and reports to support the integration of instrument-specific assays and protocols. Both general and instrument-specific assay types are highly flexible and configurable by the user to meet organizational research needs.

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Uncover valuable data relationships and explore your rich data landscape and with LabKey Biologics querying and analysis tools.

Tools for querying complex molecular data

LabKey Biologics powerful querying capabilities allow users to make connections across the full breadth of their integrated data, easily access related assay results, track complex lineage, and expose key relationships between entities. Users can create simple queries using LabKey Biologics’ query builder tool or manually develop complex queries to execute against their integrated data within the platform.

Standardize media creation and track usage of raw materials for increased efficiency and visibility into the downstream effects of materials used.

LabKey Biologics Media Registration Software

LabKey Biologics provides an intuitive system for media registration that allows users to design media recipes and create consistent media batches according to their design. Users add ingredients to a mixture recipe, specifying their concentration, and process steps to be followed when creating a batch. Ingredients are selected from a list of predefined materials available in the lab or from the list of other mixtures already in the system.

When these recipes are used to create mixture batches, users simply indicate their desired yield and the LabKey Biologics tool will calculate the ingredient quantities needed. The system also tracks raw materials used for each batch, helping teams track media recipes as well as raw materials, allowing them to explore their potential downstream effects.

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Centralize research and development operations for a more efficient workflow with LabKey Biologics workflow management tools.

LabKey Biologics workflow dashboard

LabKey Biologics provides tools to effectively execute each step in the biologics development process while monitoring the operations of the entire workflow. Customizable workflow tools help streamline a variety of research process from assay request management to task assignment. Reporting tools provide visibility across business and laboratory processes and the data needed to identify opportunities for improvement.

Assay Request Tracking

LabKey Biologics’ assay request tracking system allows management and reporting of work requests and data uploads, seamlessly tying them together to allow for navigation between the request system and the analytical data generated. This tool includes an easy-to-deploy template for managing assay requests that can be customized to support lab-specific workflows.

Integrate your tools of choice with LabKey Biologics to develop the right solution for your unique research.

LabKey Biologics integrates with all common assay intsruments, inventory systems, and analysis tools including Tableau, Spotfire and Blast

The LabKey Biologics software solution integrates with a wide variety of research tools including assay instruments, external inventory systems, electronic data capture applications, antibody classification services, and data analysis tools. LabKey APIs build essential connections to external data sources and data export options make data accessible for external analysis. The flexibility of the platform allows users to utilize their tools of choice to craft a solution that meets the specific needs of their environment.

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Unlock the power of the LabKey Biologics with hands-on training and professional services delivered by LabKey experts.


LabKey provides all users access to extensive documentation to help support the installation, administration, and usage of LabKey Biologics.


LabKey Biologics can be hosted by LabKey in a cloud-based environment or deployed locally for groups that require full hosting control. LabKey offers operations consulting services to help guide the installation and maintenance of self-hosted solutions.


Hands-on training for users and administrators, and developers is offered all LabKey Biologics clients. Training sessions are customized for each client, and conducted by LabKey’s dedicated trainers.

Custom Development

LabKey offers custom development services to clients who would like to extend LabKey Biologics beyond existing functionality. Custom development is professionally maintained and supported by the LabKey team, ensuring its long-term usefulness.

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