Biologics R&D software to unify data, optimize processes and boost collaboration.

Accelerate your R&D with an integrated Electronic Lab Notebook, Sample Manager, Bioregistry and Workflow Manager.

Our powerful biologics R&D software is designed to help scientists manage their research data, streamline documentation and manage lab processes. The included Electronic Lab Notebook is seamlessly integrated with a central bioregistry, sample management tool, assay data repository and media registration tool. This creates a “data-connected” ELN that is able to easily highlight research findings, document experiments and report analyses. A workflow manager is also fully integrated with these data structures (molecular entities, samples, assay data) allowing for complete management and optimization of biologics R&D processes. This combination of biologics R&D software tools forms a cohesive application that serves as a central hub for managing biologics development data, processes, lab notebooks and collaboration.

  • Make faster decisions with unified ELN, sample management, bioregistry, workflow, and assay data management tools
  • Centralize and connect biologics research data for a holistic view of your data landscape and interrelationships
  • Manage and optimize lab processes with a workflow tool designed for biologics R&D
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Biologics Software

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Highlight and document experiment results with the data-connecected Biologics ELN.

  • Add context and enrich notebooks by linking to bioregistry entities, samples, assay data and workflows
  • Simplify authoring and review of electronic notebook entries using templates and a streamlined user interface
  • Collaboratively contribute to notebooks and sign-off/review processes
Electronic Lab Notebook
Sample Management


Track the complete lineage of samples and connect them to molecular entities and assays.

  • Automatically connect samples and their molecular components to explore complex data relationships
  • Track the complete lineage of samples to analyze experiment results through many generations of derivation
  • Manage the freezer storage and location of samples including volumes and freeze/thaw counts
Sample Management


Define and track biological entities and samples in the Bioregistry.

  • Register molecular entities, nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, expression systems, constructs, vectors and cell lines
  • Automatically build relationships between entities and ensure uniqueness of registered entities
  • Register samples and track lineage, entity relationships and related experiment results
bioregistry software
Workflow Management


Optimize biologics research processes using our Workflow Manager.

  • Create task-based workflow jobs to guide and manage ongoing biologics research 
  • Define and capture process parameters to quickly iterate on and optimize biologics research
  • Build workflow tasks with comments, files, assay results, sample data, molecular entity data and other metadata 
  • Use lab process templates created specifically for biologics development to standardize lab workflows and lab operations
biologics workflow
Biologics Assay


Capture, centralize and link any type of assay data.

  • Integrate experiment data from any assay, connecting results to related samples
  • Enforce consistent structuring of assay data to support querying and analysis
  • Easily visualize and analyze results using native and external analytics tools
biologics assay
Media Registration


Define media recipes and raw ingredients for consistent cell media preparation.

  • Register and track ingredients, recipes, raw materials and batches for consistent media preparation
  • Connect media batches and entities to samples and downstream results
biologics cell media

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