Workflow Management

Manage and optimize biologics workflows- from cell line development to purification.

Test, iterate and standardize biologics development processes with our biologics workflow manager.

The Biologics LIMS includes a powerful workflow management tool designed to support process development and optimization for biologics R&D. Workflows or specific workflow tasks are assigned to teams and collaborators to coordinate process fulfillment. Templates allow workflows to be quickly assigned to researchers and are fully customizable to match your specific biologics development processes. Each workflow can capture input process parameters and capture results at defined workflow steps allowing you to quickly iterate on and optimize processes including identifying bottlenecks and testing process variations. 

  • Efficiently manage workloads with a laboratory-wide view of R&D work.
  • Input process parameters and capture results within workflows to optimize specific r&d processes. 
  • Create custom workflow templates or choose from standard biologics lab process templates to standardize biologics r&d process.
LIMS Workflow

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See how our biologics workflow manager can help increase the speed and collaboration of your research.

Manage biologics development processes and align processes across your organization.

  • See a laboratory-wide view of ongoing biologics development processes, staff workloads, status and captured data.
  • Boost efficiency by directly linking to samples and capturing assay data within workflows. 
  • Collaborate with team members on specific jobs with task assignments, comments and attachments.
  • Use customizable templates to standardize processes and efficiently assign workflow tasks.

Use process parameter data to give context to results and accurately forecast process optimization results.

  • Define biologics development process parameters to be captured within workflows.
  • See an aggregate view of process parameters and related experiment results.
  • Analyze and compare the performance of processes with varying input parameters.
  • Maintain the quality and consistency of data collection efforts by monitoring process parameters.

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