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Track cell media ingredients and protocols used with our registration tool.

Cell media registration tools in Biologics LIMS help researchers standardize the preparation of cell culture media and improve the efficiency of batch creation. By defining and tracking each ingredient used in batches,  LabKey Biologics creates an end-to-end connection of data from raw materials, to sample data, to experimental results.

Cell media registration in Biologics LIMS allows you to:

  • Register and track ingredients, recipes, raw materials, and batches for consistent media preparation.
  • Connect media batches and entities to samples and downstream results.
  • Capture detailed steps to be used in batch creation.
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Standardize cell media preparation and connect batches to downstream results.

Define and track all ingredients used in cell culture media preparation.

  • Registration support for media entities including ingredients, recipes, raw materials and batches.
  • Capture the ingredients and concentrations needed to create a batch as well as the steps of the preparation protocol.
  • Choose from predefined ingredients to expedite batch preparation.
  • Automatically calculate the quantities of ingredients needed to achieve the desired volume of batches.

Connect cell media batches and their ingredients to downstream results.

  • Easily investigate the effects of raw materials, recipe combinations, and protocols on cell viability, culture growth and target protein production.
  • Use unique IDs to track ingredients used and batches of cell culture media.
  • Connect ingredients and batches to downstream results by exploring the sample lineage back through to the expression system, media and ingredients used.
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