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Biologics Assay Data

Capture biologics assay data and link it to samples, entities and ELN entries.

LabKey Biologics provides a central point of structured data capture and access for assay data. This ensures that consistent data structures are used throughout the biologics development process and streamlines data handoffs between development teams. Enforcing data structures also ensures that experiment data meets the quality standards necessary for downstream analysis. Assay designs are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of biopharma research and development.

Assay data management in Biologics LIMS allows you to:

  • Easily import structured assay data into custom assay design templates.
  • Simplify data handoffs between research teams and maintain data quality/integrity for accurate analysis.
  • Automatically connect assay data with related samples and bioregistry entities.
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Capture, centralize and connect your biologics assay data.

Customize assay designs to match your experiment data.

  • Configure assay design templates to provide a consistent structure for experiment data.
  • Define batch and run level properties and the data fields for each measure captured by instruments.
  • Indicate required fields, set data validation criteria and normalize data to prepare it for integration with other datasets.

Easily import, QC and link your biologics assay data.

  • Import assay data through the UI via the assay wizard, upload files, copy/paste from TSV or import data programmatically using the LabKey API.
  • Experiment data is checked against QC requirements and automatically connected to related sample and entity data.

Navigate assay results and their connection to samples.

  • View assay results from all runs in a single table or from each run individually.
  • Search, sort or filter assay results to locate data subsets of interest and export datasets for further analysis.
  • Navigate directly to related samples from assay data grids to view the results for all assays run against a particular sample as well as sample lineage details.
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