Why LabKey

Our Mission is Your Success

Why choose LabKey as a bioinformatics partner? Because we are experts in data management and software development who are committed to supporting the scientific community in their pursuit of effective treatment and elimination of disease. We work hand in hand with researchers around the globe to understand the complex challenges of today’s research environment and craft solutions to overcome them.

Long-Term Partnership

Trusted Informatics Partner

LabKey has extended and configured LabKey Server to meet the diverse requirements of over 200 biomedical organizations working to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases.

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Proven Software Platform

Researchers have trusted LabKey Server solutions for over 10 years to securely manage their research data and facilitate their analysis.

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Biomedical Research

Biomedical Expertise

Our technology is designed to meet the specific needs of a diverse range of biomedical research disciplines, including proteomics, flow cytometry,  genomics, clinical data and observational study management.

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Top Software Talent

Top Software Talent

Our experienced software team holds numerous software patents and have held lead technical roles at major technology companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and BEA Systems.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Partner with our clients to understand their unique needs
Pair our world-class software platform with development expertise to craft solutions
Deliver hands on support to ensure greatest value is received from our systems

Our Development Process

Scenario Driven

A scenario driven approach helps prioritize project development, ensuring that critical and long-term needs are addressed early.

User Centered

User input is gathered throughout the entire process, including after deployment, to ensure successful development and adoption of LabKey solutions.

Highly Iterative

An agile development process that involves consistent communication and evaluation allows for regular deployment of new capabilities while keeping projects on track and focused on priorities.

Our Techology

Open Source Foundation

Open Source Foundation

LabKey makes the Community Edition of LabKey Server freely available to the research community, helping to continuously improve and enhance the tool and providing researchers without the funding for a custom installation a platform to manage their data and conduct analysis.

Flexible hosting options

Flexible Hosting Options

LabKey Solutions can be hosted by LabKey in a cloud-based environment or deployed locally for clients who require advanced security and full hosting control. LabKey offers operations consulting services to help guide the installation and maintenance of self-hosted solutions.

Best practices

Industry Standard Best Practices for Development

LabKey developers follow a rigorous development process, adhering to industry standard best practices for development and testing to ensure our software is of the highest quality.


Security Features to Support Compliance

The LabKey Server platform includes a variety of specialized security features to support HIPAA/FISMA compliance for customers working in a regulated data environment.

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LabKey solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the biomedical domains we serve with support for regulatory compliance, large-scale network collaboration, complex development workflows and more.

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