What’s New in LabKey Server v18.3

We are excited to announce the release of LabKey Server v18.3! This release includes a variety of enhancements designed to make integration and analysis of data more efficient and secure, including:

  • Support for multiple R engines for a single site. Users can now select an alternative to the default R engine for individual projects as well as declare an R engine as a sandbox environment, isolating it for security purposes.
  • Integration with RStudio Pro* allows users to view, edit, and export LabKey Server data in the RStudio Pro interface.
  • Navigation improvements have been made to project and custom menus to help improve the user experience.
  • Antivirus scanning* automatically checks all file uploads, attachments, archives and other content for viruses during import.
  • Enhancements to visualization tools allow users to specify multiple y axes for scatter and line plots, hide trend lines and data points on time charts, and include visualizations in study participant views.
  • Additional QC Trend reports* including Moving Range and Cumulative Sum plots have been made available for GPAT/file-based assays.
  • ETL definition editor enhancements* provide automatic code completion and allow administrators to define a new ETL using an existing definition as a template.
  • Support for Java 11 allows LabKey to run on both Oracle Java SE 11 and Oracle OpenJDK 11.*

Check out the 18.3 Release Notes for the full list of enhancements included in this release!

Download LabKey Server v18.3 >

*Premium feature, please contact your LabKey account manager for additional information and configuration support. If you’re interested in learning more about premium subscriptions, please contact us.

**Oracle Java SE 8 is supported as well, but will be removed in 19.1.