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What’s New in LabKey Server v18.3

We are excited to announce the release of LabKey Server v18.2! This release includes a variety of new software integrations, quality control features, and user interface enhancements.


  • Integration with Open EMPI enables the use of an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) identifier in LabKey studies to identify duplicate participant data.*
  • A new ETL user interface enables the development and deployment of ETLs without needing to create a custom module.
  • Spotfire integration enables the visualization and analysis of data stored in LabKey Server via JDBC.*
  • Assay data exclusions allow specific rows to be excluded from later analysis in General Purpose Assay Type (GPAT) or file-based assays.*
  • QC trend reporting features track various metrics and allow users to create reports including Levey-Jennings plots for assays and other data.*
  • Limit of Detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) are now shown in Panorama, using Skyline’s figures of metric configuration.
  • Integration with Amazon Redshift enables analysis, visualization, and integration of data stored in a Redshift data warehouse.*

Check out the 18.2 Release Notes for the full list of enhancements included in this release!


* Premium feature, please contact your LabKey account manager for additional information and configuration support.