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What’s New in LabKey Server 20.3

LabKey is excited to announce the release of LabKey Server 20.3!

In addition to the extensive improvements described below, LabKey Server 20.3.0 includes an important security update. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your installations. If you are unable to upgrade to 20.3.0 immediately, we have released a hotfix in 19.3.7 found here:  Download 19.3.7

View Full 20.3 Release Notes

Download 20.3 Community Edition

Release Highlights

LabKey Sample Manager is now available with every Premium Edition, offering easy tracking of laboratory workflows, sample lineage, and experimental data.

Plate Assays – Plate data is supported in General assays.

Assay Data Provenance – Track assay data sources.

Trace Query Dependencies – See the dependent and dependee queries within the schema browser.

Sample File Scoped Chromatograms – Display and provide API access to chromatogram-style data contained within Skyline documents.

Sample Comparison Reports (Biologics) – Create assay summary reports for selected samples.

Documentation Highlights

FDA MyStudies Documentation Portal – A new portal centralizes documentation for the FDA MyStudies platform.

Installation Documentation – The installation documentation has been improved, including separate checklists for Linux and Windows installations, Linux command examples, clarified requirements for Tomcat configuration, and more.

For a complete list of features please read the 20.3 Release Notes.