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LabKey Server 19.3

What’s New in LabKey Server 19.3

LabKey is excited to announce the release of LabKey Server 19.3!

This release includes various user experience, external analytics, functionality improvements and premium features. Be sure to download the latest version of LabKey Server!

View Full 19.3 Release Notes

Download 19.3 Community Edition

Release Highlights

  • Sample Manager is ready for preview! Built on the foundation of LabKey Server, Sample Manager allows you to easily manage sample lineage, define laboratory workflows, and unify your samples with assay data. Contact Us for a demo!
  • User Experience – The assay designer and field editor interface has been improved for greater efficiency and ease-of-use. This applies to Assay Designs, Sample Sets, and Data Classes. Field designer improvements will be expanded to other table types in the 20.1 release.

Premium Features

  • Security – Configure multiple authentication configurations for each available protocol, allowing, for example, authenticating against multiple LDAP/Active Directory servers or multiple SAML identity providers.
  • External Analytics Tools – Labkey server now supports secure ODBC connections over TLS (transport layer security). LabKey Server data can now also be analyzed with MATLAB and Shiny Reports in RStudio.
  • Biologics – The Lineage tab has been improved to provide graphical and grid views on lineage relationships, as well as sample details. The Reports tab can now display custom grids and charts added by administrators.
  • Panorama Auto-enabling Metrics – Metrics are shown when relevant data is detected; these metrics are hidden when relevant data is not detected.

For a complete list of features please read the 19.3 Release Notes.