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What’s New in LabKey 22.7!


LabKey Server

  •  Import Python reports from Jupyter Notebook for generating and sharing live LabKey data reports. (docs)
  • Sample Types and Data Classes are easier to use with improved editing of table names and ids. (docs)
  • Include ancestor metadata in grids for a more complete picture of your samples. (docs)
  • Administrators will find it easier to export folders with options to clear all objects and reset default selections. (docs)

Sample Manager

  •  Electronic Lab Notebooks: Use a data-aware ELN to record and track your Sample Manager work. (docs)
  •  Save time looking for samples and create standard reports by saving your Sample Finder searches to access later. (docs)
  •  Revamped grid filtering for more intuitive sorting, searching and filtering. (docs)


  • New Compound Bioregistry type supports Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System (SMILES) strings, their associated 2D structures, and calculated physical properties. (docs)
  •  Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Improvements:
    • Export a signed and human-readable ELN snapshot, reliably recording your work. (docs)
    • Entries can include checkboxes for tracking tasks. (docs)
    • Images added to ELN notebooks will be automatically stored as attachments, for increased efficiency. (docs)
  •  Bioregistry entities can now be updated via file import, edited in the UI, and include a “Common Name” for ease of use. (docs)

Premium Resources

See the full Release Notes 22.7 (July 2022)