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What’s New in LabKey 21.7

LabKey Server

  •  File Watchers – Use file watchers to automate the import of sample and assay data.
  •  Ontology Concept Picker – Improve data entry by guiding users to a specific part of the concept hierarchy.

Sample Manager

  •  Study/Sample Integration – Add samples to studies and associate them with specific participants and timepoints.
  •  Aliquots – Create aliquots of samples singly or in bulk.
  •  Picklists – Create and manage picklists of samples to simplify operations on groups of samples.
  •  Move Storage Units – Track movement of storage units within a freezer, or to another freezer.
  •  Barcode/UniqueID Fields – A new field type, “UniqueID”, generates values when samples are added to a Sample Type or when the barcode field is added to an existing sample type.


  •  Electronic Lab Notebooks have been added to LabKey Biologics. Link directly to data in the registry and collaboratively author/review notebooks.
  •  Hide Sequence Fields – Nucleotide and Protein Sequence values can be hidden from users who otherwise have access to read data in the system.

Premium Resources Highlights

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