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LabKey Release 22.11

What’s New in LabKey 22.11

LabKey Server

  • Analyze LabKey data using JMP statistical analysis software via an ODBC connection. (docs)
  • Query dependency reports now include any Lookups to and from the given query, list, or table. (docs)
  • Choose whether file and attachment fields will download or be viewed in the browser when links are clicked. (docs)
  • Use Ancestors in sample naming patterns to create common name stems based on the history of a sample. (docs)
  • New role available: Editor without Delete. Users with this role can read, insert, and update information but cannot delete it. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Reports with Sample Finder: Create sample reports based on lineage, sources, and assay data results. (docs | video)
  • Capture and track amendments to signed notebooks to ensure the integrity of notebook entries and referenced data. (docs)
  • When creating aliquots, control which parent sample fields are inherited and which are set independently for the sample and aliquot. (docs)

Biologics LIMS

  • Create structured work requests and eliminate the need for untracked email communication with user defined fields on workflows. (docs)
  • Easily see all sample history events on the Sample Timeline. (docs)
  • Manage user permissions and review assignments by group. (docs)

Premium Resources

Click Here to read the full 21.11.00 release notes.