LabKey Academy: LabKey Server for Research Studies

Learn how to use LabKey Server for integrating, analyzing and publishing research study data. This interactive training webinar will include a comprehensive overview, real-world examples and a live tutorial.

  • Overview of LabKey Server solutions for working with clinical research data. Learn how the platform can help assemble and join heterogeneous datasets, track study progress, and create visualizations and presentations of the study results.
  • Explore publicly accessible LabKey study portals to see real-world examples of how researchers are using LabKey Server
  • We will build a new online portal from scratch. Staring with Excel files, we’ll import the data to LabKey Server, join the datasets together, and build reports to evaluate the study’s hypotheses.
  • Finally, we’ll review data sharing/publishing features within LabKey Server, de-identify the data we have imported and publish the results online.