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Panorama for Mass Spectrometry: RAW Data, Processed Results, and Collaborations

Mike MacCoss, Professor of Genome Sciences, MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington


Panorama, the LabKey product for managing targeted mass spectrometry data, provides many tools for labs to use internally and externally. These tools are both powerful and flexible.

This presentation highlights examples of how LabKey Server is used to manage data within the MacCoss Lab, how it is used to share data with collaborators, and how it is used to manage inter-institution collaborations. Covered in the presentation are the tools built into Panorama for managing Skyline documents, tracking mass spectrometer system suitability, tracking experiment data quality, and some new tools for visualizing assay variance and figures of merit. Finally, the presenter will show how Panorama Public is being used to share data and results upon publication and fulfilling journal data sharing requirements.

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