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NIHR Oxford

Integrating Clinical and Laboratory Data from NHS Hospitals for Viral Hepatitis Research

David Smith, PhD Student, Barnes Group, University of Oxford, UK


Viral Hepatitis has become a leading cause of death across the globe, and has been recently shown to kill more people than TB, Malaria or HIV/AIDS (Stanaway JD,Lancet,2016). The aim of the National Institute for Health Research Health Informatics Collaborative (NIHR HIC) ( is to collect and integrate the vast amount of clinical data stored in the electronic patient records (EPR) of five major UK National Health Service (NHS) hospitals to facilitate clinical research. Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust leads on the the viral hepatitis theme and has developed multiple LabKey based systems to collect clinical data, integrate it with existing EPR data and provide the data to both clinicians and researchers in a secure and user friendly environment.

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