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Immune Tolerance Network

New Ways of Sharing Data with the LabKey Platform at the Immune Tolerance Network

Dennis Wightman, Assistant Director, Systems Programming & Administration, Immune Tolerance Network


The Immune Tolerance Network’s TrialShare web application has been sharing clinical, mechanistic, and specimen data for immunological clinical trials for several years now. TrialShare, based on a custom-built version of the LabKey platform, has been looking for new ways to share very large files while keeping them in a scientific context. By partnering with LabKey and Globus, TrialShare will now be able to allow users to join study information from datasets with corresponding files on the ITN Globus Endpoint and initiate endpoint downloads from inside TrialShare using Single Sign-On. We’d also like to introduce a small open-source client-side application that allows end-users to remotely query any LabKey platform with LabKey SQL and populate a local database with the results of their query. This tool was developed internally by the TrialShare programming team to assist in our internal processes and data validation but should be of great use in making data sharing from any LabKey platform easier and less error-prone.

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