Data Management at BIOASTER with LabKey Server SDMS

Presented by Lucie Saint-Joanis, Data Manager, Bioaster

BIOASTER is a Technological Research Institute (IRT) in healthcare, dedicated to the study of microbiology and infectious diseases. BIOASTER had more than 100 partners between private and public companies, collaborating on diverse project and dataset portfolio. In order to manage these studies BIOASTER would greatly benefit from a secure platform to centralize, harmonize and share data. Guided by FAIR principles, the LabKey Server SDMS software became key to collect and integrate clinical and laboratory data. Through LabKey’s web interface or API, scientists can access multi-omics integrated data and run analysis on a single source data provider. This talk will outline how BIOASTER integrated LabKey in its day-to-day working environment and infrastructure creating a data workflow with a seamless structured architecture.

Part of the 2023 LabKey Server SDMS User Conference

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