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University of Rochester

Molding and Maximizing the LabKey Platform for Clinical Translational Research

Anthony Corbett, Research Data Integration and Analytics Group, University of Rochester Medical Center


Presentation Abstract: This talk will review how the Research Data Integration and Analytic Group uses the LabKey platform to manage the research data life cycle and improve data management workflows and communication among clinical and lab study teams. From data capture, querying and reporting I will briefly discuss and show examples of integrating external operational systems like electronic data capture systems (REDCap) and biospecimen and inventory management systems (BSI), as well as, managing data from laboratory assays and instrument generated output. Finally, I will show examples of reporting and visualization in study dashboards.

Speaker Bio: Anthony Corbett has a MS in Bioinformatics from Rochester Institute of Technology and has 10 years of experience as both a Software Engineer and Informatics Analyst. He is Technical Lead for the Research Data Integration and Analytics Group within the Clinical Translational Science Institute. The group has been using the LabKey platform to provide basic science and clinical translation informatic solutions since 2010 to a broad variety of departments and projects at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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