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LKUC 2020

The 2020 LabKey User Conference Goes Virtual!

The annual LabKey User Conference will be held in a virtual format from October 6th to 9th 2020. All four days of the conference and training sessions will be free to attend! As with past conferences, this year will feature informative user presentations, product updates and announcements, educational Tech Talks led by our development team, and our Learn LabKey training sessions. This is an exciting opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge of LabKey solutions and learn how LabKey is solving the data management, collaboration and workflow challenges faced by life science organizations.

During the conference, the user community has the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and insights to the LabKey team. LabKey Server, Biologics, and Sample Manager have all been developed with significant input and guidance from the scientific research community. This input continues to be the guide by which we prioritize features, optimize user experience within our applications, and make key decisions to deliver the most value to our users. This year we will invite all attendees to participate in UX sessions later in the month for our soon to be released Biologics ELN and Freezer Management applications. 



Day 1, October 6

  • LabKey Server Update: Learn about new and upcoming features
  • User Presentations:
    • The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will present on their use of LabKey Server for COVID-19 research studies
    • Nestlé Health Sciences will present on their use of LabKey Server for assay data and study management
  • Highlight: Currently in use by the FDA, LabKey MyStudies offers capture of informed consent/patient registration on mobile devices to support clinical trials, tools for mobile study design, and compliant hosting infrastructure

Day 2, October 7

  • LabKey Biologics Update: Learn about the exciting product development taking place with LabKey Biologics 
  • User Presentation: Just Biotherapeutics will share their ongoing collaboration with LabKey to develop an Electronic Laboratory Notebook 
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook Preview: See a live demonstration of our upcoming Biologics ELN, available in early 2021.

Day 3, October 8

  • Sample Manager: Learn about ongoing development and feature updates for LabKey Sample Manager
  • User Presentation: Oregon Health and Sciences University will share how LabKey is used to support translational research
  • Freezer Management Preview: We will demonstrate our upcoming freezer management functionality within Sample Manager
  • Highlight: Using Sample Manager with LabKey Server

Day 4, October 9- Tech Talks

  • ODBC Integrations: Using ODBC to integrate with tools you already know, including MatLab, Tableau, and more
  • Filewatchers: Review the types, mechanics, and customization options of filewatchers in LabKey
  • React and Javascript Development within LabKey: Discuss the recently released API and developing apps within modules
  • Bringing Your Data Together: Integration and harmonization of data with ETLs, linked schemas, and cross-folder queries
  • Best Practices and Benefits of LabKey Hosting: Getting the most out of LabKey with our hosting options
  • Build and Test: Using Artifactory to optimize your build and test process

Seats are limited for the conference, click here to register!