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Population Health Research

Bring together data from many sources to assemble a complete data landscape and expose trends in disease. LabKey Server provides a platform for integrating, standardizing, and presenting data for exploration at a population level while maintaining appropriate data security and providing self-service access to aggregated data. 

LabKey Server Population Health Research Software

Expand Data Reach

Extend the reach of individual research efforts by integrating data and creating a complete data landscape.

Streamline Data Access

Increase transparency and minimize duplication of effort by providing a centralized, consistent method for data access.

Maintain Data Security

Secure protected health information in compliance with regulatory standards.

Multi Site Data Integration Solutions

Multi-Site Data Integration

Bring together data from disparate sites, making it centrally available through a web-based portal. LabKey Server supports integration of data through a variety of methods, including bulk file upload and API integration, to accommodate differing technology needs.

Standardization and Quality Control

Define standard formats and data entry templates for data being brought into the system from multiple sources. Use LabKey Server’s quality control tools to validate or transform incoming data and ensure that all inputs are consistent and prepared for integration with related data.

Quality Control QC Validation Tools for Research Data
Patient PHI Protection and Data De-Identification software

Data De-Identification

Obscure Protected Health Information (PHI) by randomizing participant IDs, shifting dates, and masking clinic names. Hold back specified columns of data from shared datasets based on the PHI they represent. These data de-identification features help support HIPAA compliant data sharing.

Learn more about regulatory compliance support with LabKey.

Aggregated Data Exploration

Query, filter, and sort aggregated data and develop data subsets of interest for further analysis. Save and share data views that present data based on defined criteria. Dynamically update as new data becomes available, or save a data snapshot of aggregated data at a single point in time.

Query and Filter Aggregated Research Data
Clinical study visualization and analysis tools

Visualization & Analysis

Visualize, analyze, and report on population level data using a range of built-in plotting and reporting tools available in LabKey Server. For more advanced analysis, utilize LabKey Server’s powerful integration with the R statistical programming environment to present R script results as live reports within LabKey Server.


Genomics England: Creating and Securing a Dialogue Between the Clinical Context and Researchers

Genomics England has partnered with LabKey to develop a LabKey Server-based data management and exploration portal to facilitate the knowledge sharing dialogue between clinicians and researchers as part of the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project.

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