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Clinical Document Abstraction

Streamline free-text document abstraction with LabKey Server. LabKey Server provides provides a document processing pipeline with optional NLP engine integration coupled with task assignment workflows and an intuitive curation UI to help accelerate the annotation of unstructured text documents process from end-to-end.

Clinical document abstraction and natural language processing software in LabKey Server

Streamline End-to-End Processes

Standardize workflows and automate task assignments for more efficient document processing.

Increase Reliability of Annotated Data

Minimize annotation errors with an easy to use annotation interface and standard reviews.

Provide Process Visibility

Provide visibility into your abstraction pipeline, informing process refinement.

NLP Free Text Document Processing Pipeline

Document Processing Pipeline

Pull unstructured, clinical documents into LabKey Server and prepare them for abstraction and review via the LabKey document processing pipeline. Incorporate document processing using an integrated NLP engine like Linguamatics I2E or custom-developed algorithms.

Learn more about Linguamatics I2E integration >

Workflow Management Engine

Efficiently manage the assignment of abstraction and review tasks in LabKey Server using configurable auto-assignment rules or a simple manual assignment workflow. Provide team members with a dynamic work list of assigned tasks and provide leadership with a birds eye view of the abstraction workflow.

Unstructured Text Document Abstraction Software
Curation and Annotation UI

Annotation and Curation UI

Simplify the annotation and review of free-text documents using the LabKey Server document curation UI. Original documents are presented side-by-side with the data entry interface and in-page navigation allows abstractors to move efficiently to the next document in their worklist upon completion of each task.

Downstream Analysis

Conduct downstream analysis of curated data using LabKey Server’s built-in visualization and reporting tools or easily export data for external analysis. Integrate data with related clinical, demographic, specimen or experiment data as part of a LabKey Study.

Downstream analysis of unstructured text

Case Study

NCI SEER: Automating the Annotation and Review of Free-Text Pathology Reports

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) SEER Program works to provide information on cancer statistics in an effort to reduce the burden of cancer among the U.S. population. NCI SEER is utilizing LabKey Server to automate the annotation and review of the more than 450,000 unstructured pathology reports they receive each year.

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