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Freezer management in LabKey Sample Manager

Sample Manager unveils freezer management features to help labs track and organize samples.


LabKey has launched a comprehensive solution for managing laboratory freezer storage and sample locations within its user-friendly sample management software- LabKey Sample Manager.

By including robust freezer management capabilities in a full-featured sample tracking and workflow management system, LabKey Sample Manager aims to serve as a collaborative hub for sample processing work in the laboratory. The application helps standardize and guide lab processes while capturing the entire history and chain of custody for each sample. The addition of freezer management integrates the tracking of sample locations, freezer storage, sample volume, and freeze/thaw counts into an already rich feature set for managing sample processing work.

“Having worked in the lab for more than ten years, I can attest to the need for integrated sample and freezer management software that is flexible and easy to use. I’m excited that with LabKey Sample Manager, we have created just that” says Hannah Brakke, Product Manager at LabKey. “We have developed a truly intuitive application that allows laboratories to register and track their samples and collaborate- all in one place. Adding a straightforward freezer management system with a modern user interface takes the sample tracking capabilities to the next level.”

Sample Manager gives laboratories the power to use the freezer management features in a way that matches their lab and workflow requirements by taking a “sample-centric” approach. This allows samples and their data to live in the system before a sample has been stored in the freezer and even after they have been removed from storage in the lab. Using this approach to freezer management, Sample Manager helps to streamline lab workflows and takes into account the real-world sample management operations of busy labs. Additionally, the flexibility of Sample Manager allows users to configure the application to exactly match the physical freezer storage options in their lab.

LabKey Sample Manager Overview

LabKey Sample Manager is a flexible and intuitive application designed to boost lab efficiency and productivity. Easily track samples, manage freezer storage, create workflows, and unify samples with experiment data. Use the links below to learn more about LabKey Sample Manager:

Sample Tracking – End-to-end sample tracking features including chain-of-custody tracking,  sample types and sources, and lineage views

Lab Workflow Management – Use workflows to standardize lab processes and manage ongoing work in the lab

Freezer Management – Manage sample storage and freezer capacity using an intuitive interface

Lab Data Integration – Integrate assay data with your samples and assign metadata for a complete picture of your ongoing experiments