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System Details

LabKey Server is an enterprise-class, open source software system written in Java that stores data in a relational database and runs on Apache Tomcat.

If you would like to install and run LabKey on your local computer for evaluation, we would like to encourage you to do so.

Manual Installation or Upgrade

To install or upgrade LabKey Server manually on Windows or Unix/Linux, download the LabKey Server components in the zip or tar.gz archive, then follow the manual install instructions or the manual upgrade instructions.

LabKey Server Source Code

LabKey is an open-source Java application. The Community Edition source code is freely available via Subversion. For information on building the LabKey source code, see our development documentation. See the LabKey Server version control documentation for more information on obtaining source code via our Subversion repository.

LabKey Premium Editions

If you plan to install LabKey for production use by your group or institution, we encourage consider upgrading to a LabKey Server Premium Edition which includes additional features, support resources, and hands-on assistance from the LabKey Server technical services team.

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