What’s New in LabKey 24.3

We’re delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 24.3.

This release includes powerful updates to Server SDMS, Sample Manager and Biologics LIMS.


Highlights of Version 24.3

LabKey Server SDMS

  • Studies can be set to require that all data added is part of an existing visit, rather than creating new visits on the fly. (docs)
  • Drag and drop to more easily add a transformation script to an assay design. (docs)
  • Include fields of type “Date” or “Time” in data structures when a full DateTime value is unnecessary. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Adding samples to storage is easier with new options to find spaces, choose the ordering, and place samples in multiple locations simultaneously. (docs)
  • Options to require users to provide reasons for various actions and electronically identify themselves when signing off on notebooks improve the ability to comply with regulatory requirements. (docs | docs)
  • Collaborative workflow improvements, including the option to edit templates and reference workflow jobs in notebooks. (docs | docs)

Biologics LIMS

  • In an electronic lab notebook, see how many times each item is referenced and step through the document to each occurrence. (docs)
  • The table of contents includes all day markers and headings. (docs)
  • The Molecule physical property calculator offers additional selection options and improved accuracy and ease of use. (docs)

Release Notes


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