What’s New in LabKey 23.11

We’re delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 23.11.

This release includes powerful updates to Server SDMS, Sample Manager and Biologics.


Highlights of Version 23.11

LabKey Server

  • *Support for Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) 2 Factor Authentication. (docs)
  • The “Strong” password strength setting supports enhanced security with stronger, entropy-based password requirements. (docs)
  • Rename standard assay designs when requirements change. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Additional columns help users track sample counts, as well as available aliquot amounts. (docs | docs)
  • Adding Samples to Storage is easier with an intuitive preview of potential storage options, preselection of the previously used location, and selection of placement direction. (docs)
  • Sources can have lineage relationships, enabling the representation of more use cases. (docs)

Biologics LIMS

  • Coming soon: Biologics LIMS will now offer strong support for antibody discovery operations. Learn more with our webinar.
  • Registry Source detail pages show all samples that are ‘descended’ from that source as well as assay data and job assignments for those samples. (docs)
  • Data structures including Sample Types, Registry Source Types, Assay Designs, and Storage can be changed without navigating first to the home project. (docs)
  • The pattern used to generate new ELN IDs can be selected from several options, which apply on a site-wide basis. (docs)

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