Sample Manager features lobs love

We asked lab managers…What do you love most about Sample Manager?

It’s no surprise that our users are overwhelmingly happy with the ease and efficiency that Sample Manager has brought to their labs. After all, Sample Manager was created in close consultation with labs of all shapes and sizes to ensure that we were creating the best sample management software on the market. We recently asked lab managers what they love most about Sample Manager and how it has impacted their labs. Their responses varied, but all shared a common theme- Sample Manager makes lab work easier and faster.   

“Sample Manager is so easy to use. It makes all of our days easier and more productive.”

With a beautifully simple user interface and intuitive features that are essential for modern laboratories, Sample Manager is designed to bring ease and efficiency to sample management tasks. From bulk importing and storing samples to tracking lab workflows and managing data, Sample Manager makes the management of lab samples faster and easier than ever before. 

“The Sample Timeline is amazing, I can finally see the complete history of a sample and who in the lab has touched it.”

Our Sample Timeline feature provides an audit-ready view of the complete history of each sample. By reviewing the chain-of-custody, you can easily see the “who, what, when and where” for each event in the timeline of a sample. Events may include sample registration, storage changes, sample check-in/check-out events, assay runs and more. The sample timeline can also be exported to Excel for further analysis and review.

“No more searching for lost samples! The freezer management features alone have saved us so much time.”

Helping our users efficiently search their sample inventory and manage their freezer storage is a core function of Sample Manager. Our flexible freezer management tool allows you to create an exact match of your physical freezer storage options within the application. You can also use our Sample Finder tool to build custom queries to search, group and take action on related samples.

“The lineage tracking capability has been a gamechanger. We can now easily tie samples back to their sources and aliquots that have been created.“

Tracking samples and their derivatives has been made as easy and intuitive as possible within Sample Manger. Using a visual lineage tree, users can easily see the context and details of samples including all sources and aliquots. We’ve also streamlined the creation of aliquots from samples to boost efficiency in the lab. 

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