LabKey Biologics software for managing biologic R&D workflows

Increasing R&D Productivity with Central Research Management Tools

Team-based approaches to research are becoming increasingly popular in R&D labs as collaborative efforts help increase overall productivity and drive deeper insight. Research managers are responsible for ensuring that research activities executed by multiple team members operate efficiently and produce high quality results. In a multi-person environment, it can be challenging for research managers to achieve a comprehensive view of the all activities in their lab as data can easily become siloed.

As team-based research becomes more critical in science, research managers are in need of productivity tools that help facilitate communication and collaboration amongst lab members and provide them with a comprehensive look at their lab’s overall operations. LabKey Biologics provides a centralized system for managing of ongoing research and storing completed data analyses generated across team members. Some of the key tools to support team-based science include:

Configurable Work Request System

Workflow management software for bench science, managing laboratory workflows in LabKey Biologics

A configurable system for requesting work within LabKey Biologics facilitates the generation of work requests, their assignment, and the handoff of any resulting data for common laboratory tasks like sample preparation or assay data collection. LabKey Biologics maintains a persistent relationship between the task request and the resulting data, providing team members with helpful context about the data’s generation. For example, a user can easily navigate from an assay data grid within the system to the original request for the data, allowing them to see who requested this data and why. Specific samples, as well as, registered entities like protein sequences or cell lines, can also be tied to unique work requests.

Task management dashboard for bench scientists and workflow tools in LabKey BiologicsTask Management for Bench Scientists

When tasks are assigned to users within LabKey Biologics, they are added to a dynamic workflow dashboard for that user. User-specific dashboards display tasks that are in that user’s work queue, as well as the tasks that they have assigned to others and their statuses. Research managers can use this dashboard view to monitor team member workloads, understand instrument usage, and plan for the future needs of the lab.

Group all assay data by experiment in LabKey BiologicsExperiment View of Assay Data

In order to keep experiments on track, research managers need the ability to see all of the analytical data that has been generated for each experiment. LabKey Biologics makes all assay data relevant to an individual experiment available directly from the experiment detail page. Users can easily search, sort, and filter integrated assay data for easy location of specific analytical results.

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