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Developing the Biologics ELN with Just-Evotec Biologics

For many scientists, documenting ongoing research and experiments in an electronic lab notebook is an afterthought. Often times this is due to a perceived lack of features and general dissatisfaction with the ELN being used. It is this situation that led the team at Just-Evotec Biologics to go on the hunt for a new electronic lab notebook. The effort was lead by Tara Kulas- a scientist in the High-Throughput Analytical Sciences Group at Just-Evotec. Also responsible for managing the company’s current ELN, Tara was all too familiar with the challenges her team was facing. Drawbacks of their current system included a lack of integration with existing data and workflows and limited functionality related to attachments and the sign-off process. 

After evaluating three different ELN options, Tara and the team at Just-Evotec decided to partner with LabKey to build a modern “data-connected” ELN that fully met their requirements. Among other improvements, the  Biologics LIMS ELN provided:

  • Ability to reference bioregistry data, samples and other notebooks 
  • Addition of attachments, inline images and tables within notebook entries
  • Simple and modern user interface with streamlined sign-off/review

Tara shared her search for the perfect ELN and key features of the LabKey Biologics ELN at the 2020  LabKey User Conference in her presentation titled – “The quest for an ELN we actually want to use.” Watch the presentation below: