Developing Panorama with the MacCoss Lab at UW

Developing Panorama with the MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington

The MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington partnered with LabKey Software to develop Panorama, a targeted mass spectrometry software which integrates closely with Skyline, the lab’s widely-adopted targeted mass spectrometry desktop application. Together, Panorama and Skyline enable a robust assay workflow, offering sensitive and quantitative analysis. The tools offer an intuitive approach for exploring targeted mass spec and building assays. They have both been enthusiastically adopted by the proteomics community.

Panorama serves as a repository for Skyline documents; provides a way to collaborate and iterate within a lab; enables extensive reporting and searching of vast amounts of data; and supports disseminating results securely among collaborators or publicly as supporting data for a publication. Groups such as the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) use Panorama to host data that they wish to display through a custom data portal; they integrate the portal with Panorama via LabKey Server’s client APIs.

The MacCoss Lab hosts an installation of Panorama, PanoramaWeb, and offers free accounts to the proteomics community. Dozens of labs and other groups are using the server to house their data. At the same time, certain organizations need to host their data in-house to satisfy strict confidentiality requirements. For this reason, the lab has collaborated with LabKey Software to develop the Panorama Partners Program.

P3 helps organizations host their own in-house deployments of Panorama, gives users direct access to the developers in the MacCoss Lab and LabKey Software, and affords a unique opportunity to shape the ongoing development of the software. A number of major pharmaceutical companies have joined the program.

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