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LabKey Server software tools to support basic research data integration and laboratory research management.

Basic Research: Increasing Data Workflows

With ever-increasing technological advancements, basic research laboratories are making scientific discoveries at unprecedented rates. With increasing knowledge and understanding about our world, basic research scientists need affordable ways to improve data management and sharing methodologies. When scientists can perform experiments more accurately and with better reproducibility, they are able to improve data integrity and ultimately quicken time to publication.

In order to be effective in today’s data-rich research environment, scientists are looking to software tools to help facilitate research and time to publication. LabKey Server provides essential tools to overcome key basic research challenges, including:

Connect data from heterogeneous data sourcesEffectively Managing Heterogeneous Lab Data

Effective management and merging experimental data can help identify gaps in research or highlight key insights to new discoveries, but manually comparing performance of a particular molecule, cell line, or other entity across experiments a time-consuming and difficult process.

LabKey Server helps teams manage lab data by providing:

  • Assay integration modules that directly import and transform lab data, such as luminex, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, ELISA/ELISpot, and more.
  • A flexible, customizable platform that can handle data from team specific assays
  • Easy-to-perform data integration

QC checks ensure data integrity and effective integrationEstablishing Good QC Metrics

Creating good quality control methods as part of standard workflows ensure data integrity and ultimately allow scientists to compare data across experiments to collect reliable, reproducible data.

LabKey Server helps enforce good quality control practices by providing:

  • Automatic type checks, missing value indicators, and range validators on data
  • Built-in QC trend reports, Levy-Jennings and other QC graphs
  • Dataset QC states that flag data for review

Secure methods of collaboration on scientific research projectsCollaborative Data Sharing

Sharing data with internal and external collaborators improves scientific integrity and innovation. Effective collaboration reduces duplicative effort, quickens analytical time, and improves data integrity, enabling cross-functional work and quicker development of discoveries.

LabKey Server facilitates collaboration by providing:

  • Multi-level security permissions, giving teams full control of what information they share and who it is shared with
  • An assay request tracker that allows teams to collaboratively assign new experiments and track their fulfillment
  • Study publishing tools that de-identify data, allowing collaborators to examine data and analyses without interfering with the raw data

Want to see how LabKey Server can help increase data workflows in your basic research environment? Explore these, and other features, of the LabKey Server platform with a 30-day hosted trial. Get started >