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Integrating Assay Data with LabKey Server

LabKey Server’s assay data integration capabilities allow teams to model large quantities of instrument data in a meaningful way and prepare it for integration with related demographics, clinical results, and calculated values.Integration of assay results with clinical data, demographics, and calculated values.

LabKey Server Assay Framework

LabKey Server supports the integration of assay data and metadata files from NAb, flow cytometry, proteomics, and other assay types. Use instrument specific assay tools or a general purpose assay type template that supports all common tabular formats (XLS, XLSX, CSV) for custom assay designs. The platform also provides special built-in dashboards and reports to help users make sense of this specialized data.LabKey Server Framework for Plate-based assays, microarray dashboard, flow cytometry assays, proteomics assays, genotyping metadata integration

Both general and instrument-specific assay types are highly-flexible and configurable, so users can extend the reach of any available type to fit their needs.

Flexible Assay Designs

Learn more about customizing general purpose assays for any tabular data >

Specialized Assay Data Management Tools

Explore LabKey Server’s specialized tools for assay data management below and read additional documentation on the LabKey software support and documentation portal.


Import raw data from BioTek Microplate readers.

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Import raw data files from CTL, Zeiss, and AID instruments.

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Flow Cytometry

Import flow cytometry probe/sample values from FlowJo or FCS Express.

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Import raw data files from CTL, Zeiss, and AID instruments. Similar to ELISpot, but the detection mechanism uses fluorophores instead of enzymes.

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Import results from High-Performance Liquid Chromatography assays.

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Import data in the multi-sheet BioPlex Excel file format.

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Import microarray runs from MageML files and gene expression microarrays from a Gene Expression Omnibus series of probe/sample values.

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NAb (Neutralizing Antibody) Assays

Imports results from high- or low-throughput neutralizing antibody assays.

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Import microarray runs from GeneTitan Excel files.

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Import mass spectrometry data files, including MzXML, and protein expression experiments.

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Genomics Workflows

Support for DNA sequencing and genotyping examples.

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