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Visibility into previously generated data with LabKey Biologics

Barriers to R&D Productivity: Lack of Visibility into Previously Generated Data

Developing a safe and effective biotherapeutic involves the collection of data from many different team members and research functions. At larger biopharma organizations, there are often multiple team members working on similar tasks in a functional area.

In order for collaborative R&D to operate efficiently, team members need visibility into what data has been generated across the research group. Biologics LIMS provides a central hub for storing R&D data with an easy to navigate structure and dynamic querying capabilities to help team members locate data of interest. Providing greater visibility with LabKey Biologics can enhance R&D productivity by:

Preventing Duplicate Work in the Lab

LabKey Biologics helps prevent duplicate experiments in R&D laboratoriesThere are several ways in which the visibility into previously generated data provided by LabKey Biologics can prevent duplicate work in the lab. Perhaps a bench scientist is interested in understanding what protein expression occurs under a particular set of conditions. Unbeknownst to them, an experiment testing that same protein expression was completed 6 months earlier by another team member. Using LabKey Biologics, this researcher could search historical experiments with those same conditions and view their results, saving them the time and resources of conducting a new experiment.

LabKey Biologics can also prevent teams from running duplicate experiments on the same sample. Each sample in LabKey Biologics stores a complete record of all of the assays that have been run against them. Technicians can use this information to verify that an assay has not already been run.

Protecting Against Dirty Data

Flagging duplicate biological entities in the LabKey Biologics bioregistryA lack of visibility into your team’s previously generated data can also lead to duplicate records in your bioregistry. LabKey Biologics provides easy mechanism for searching/sorting existing data to locate previously registered entities, and also conducts an automated uniqueness check on each entity registered in the system. These tools ensure that related data is connected to the correct entity from the start, and removes the need for downstream data clean-up.

With LabKey Biologics, biopharma R&D teams can reduce redundant experimentation saving valuable time and resources. Request a demo of LabKey Biologics to learn more.