Efficient handoff of laboratory data

Barriers to R&D Productivity: Inefficient Data Handoffs

The drive to discovery of new biologic therapeutics involves massive amounts of data passing step by step through a lengthy and sometimes iterative process involving large or distributed teams. Economies of scale and team member specialization can reduce the overhead of research and development, but only when every transfer of data is clear and efficient, with reliable audit logging to track the process.

Modern data collection techniques and processes can overwhelm data management solutions and handoff procedures that weren’t designed for the volume of modern high-throughput research.

  • How do you know you have all the necessary data for an experiment or analysis task?
  • How can you tell if you have the right version of data?
  • What other tasks have been completed on this data, and was anything learned in a related experiment that I should know about?

Traditional methods for transferring data, such as email or direct meetings with collaborators, may not suffice when questions arise later. Recording exactly what happened and capturing all ad hoc sharing of information will prevent other team members wasting time tracking down answers.

Biologics LIMS is specifically designed to make data handoffs seamless and consistent. Sharing a central data repository and using common and fully audited workflow procedures means everyone involved, including new team members, can easily find required data and learn everything they need to know about it.

Centralized access to data makes collaboration seamless

Using a data sharing hub, team members never need to wonder where to find the data they need. Clear and consistent gathering of experiment metadata means that not only do they see what they need, they immediately know when it’s ready for the next task or experiment. With LabKey Biologics, team members share access to the entity designs, biological samples, and analytical results they need for further research.

Tasks assignments are clear in a workflow request system

Ensuring that everyone knows who is doing which tasks and in what order is critical to efficient research. Team members using Biologics can rely on the workflow request system to clearly track responsibilities – avoiding both duplication of effort and the risk of missing key steps.

Self-service access to past work of others

When teams are large and distributed, even knowing who to ask about past work can be complex. By keeping all details about every experiment with the data itself, teams using LabKey Biologics ensure that everyone has the information they need at their fingertips.

With LabKey Biologics, R&D teams reduce the time spent on repetitive data management tasks and devote more time to discovery. Request a demo of LabKey Biologics to learn more.