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Steve HansonSteve is a perpetual student and learner, who never wanted to leave school…so he stayed until there were no more classes to take, earning his PhD from the University of Washington’s joint Philosophy/Classics program. Studying the ancient philosophers and scientists provided great training in cutting through to the essential elements needed for understanding complex systems. Teaching classes in logic as well as ancient and modern philosophy provided great experience in building up understanding in students, helping them to organize questions, and to make headway into seemingly impossible problems.

As a writer at LabKey, Steve has the opportunity be a student all over again. Working at the intersection of two massive fields, computing and biological research, provides a wealth of new material for research. Writing at LabKey means working with a wide range of material: scientific research, experimental data, client specifications, and software references. It’s a great challenge to synthesize it all, and turn out something compelling for a broad audience of both experts and novices. Steve strives for a simple and direct writing style, using a minimum of buzzwords and “academese”. Steve brings a rich experience in technical writing from his time at Westside, BEA, and Oracle, and rounds out his written communication style with a strength in visual expression as a professional artist and photographer.

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