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What’s New in LabKey Server 19.2

LabKey is excited to announce the release of LabKey Server 19.2.
This release includes a variety of new features designed to improve performance and reporting.

Download LabKey Server Community Edition

Release Highlights

The following key features and enhancements have been added to LabKey Server 19.2:

  • General Performance Improvements – We’ve improved performance across the server through database schema changes and optimizing caching behavior.
  • Parent Column Aliases – When importing sample data, indicate one or more columns that contain parentage information.
  • SQL Aggregate Functions – LabKey SQL supports aggregating functions such as standard deviation, variance, and median. Additional PostgreSQL specific functions include: correlation coefficient, population covariance, and others.
  • Improved Issues API – Insert and update issues using the JavaScript API.
  • WebDAV Support in Rlabkey – The Rlabkey package now includes support for using WebDAV for file and folder creation, deletion, download, etc. Learn more in the Rlabkey documentation available on CRAN.
  • FDA MyStudies – LabKey Server provides key components of the FDA’s open source MyStudies platform, including secure data storage and user management.

Premium Features:

  • Biologics: Expanded Characters in Sequences. DNA/RNA sequences can use expanded characters beyond A, C, G, T, and U.
  • Panorama Partners Program: Configure QC Metrics, Outlier Notifications

Premium Resources: 

  • Upgrade OpenJDK on AWS Ubuntu Servers
  • Install LabKey on Linux Systems
  • LabKey Coding Standards and Practices
  • IntelliJ Reference
  • Feature Branch Workflow

Check out the 19.2 Release Notes for the full list of enhancements included in this release!