Tracking Samples with LabKey Sample Manager

Could your lab be more detailed, accurate and efficient in tracking samples?

Learn how our sample management software can:

  • Reduce human error by supporting procedures for sample handling, creating unique naming conventions, and capturing structured sample metadata
  • Gain a holistic and audit-ready view over sample chain of custody, lineage, sources, assays and sample types
  • Eliminate wasted time spent tracking samples or their related data
  • Track and capture data for samples of any type, from any source

Sample Tracking Features


An audit-ready look into the chain of custody of a sample. View all events for a sample- starting with when (time and date) a sample was registered and by whom (user).

Lineage Tracking

The lineage graph and grid views allow you to visually explore the parentage of samples and lengthy lineages or derivation histories.


Assign, schedule, and track sample processing tasks using workflows. Comments, files and assay results relating to a task can also be captured.

Sample Sources

Map samples to one or more sources, which may include both physical sources (labs, vendors, locations, studies) and biological sources (patients, mice, cell lines).

Sample Types

Organize samples in your lab by designating a sample type with trackable fields that help describe attributes of those samples.

Unique Sample IDs

Each sample in the system is required to have a unique name/id that can be generated by the user or the system via a user-defined naming pattern.