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The Power of Structured Data: Customizing Grid Views in LabKey Biologics

When analyzing biologics assay data, scientists often need to look beyond the results at related data to answer their research questions. Comparing lineage characteristics like which expression system was used to generate an experiment sample or details about the sample itself, such as the buffer used in it, can uncover crucial data patterns and insights.

This type of data exploration requires data to be captured in a structured manner and integrated into a central system where it can be easily accessed, queried, and analyzed.

Structuring Data for Maximum Value

LabKey Biologics provides tools to ensure that data is correctly structured and consistently stored. For each data type within the LabKey Biologics application, users are able to configure a specific structure, indicating the names of fields as well as their type. Because this data is consistently structured, a user can pull together relevant data from different sources for an integrated view of their data during analysis.

Integrating structured assay and sample data in LabKey Biologics using Sample IDs and look-ups.

For example, when looking at the results for a specific assay type, such as optical density, a user can add details about the samples themselves to the assay results data grid. This might include the buffer used, the expression system used to create it, or the name of the antibody (or other molecule) that was being produced.

Customized Data Views for Quicker Access

Users can customize the default assay data grid view to include these additional look-up columns. Customized default views provide quick access to all the data relevant to the user’s research, instead of having to join data each time they view the dataset. Users can also sort, filter, and search the data in these additional columns the same way they can with native assay data fields.[vc_cta h2=””]To see this functionality in action, request a demo! To learn more about LabKey Biologics check out our documentation and resources on the LabKey Support Portal. [/vc_cta]