Visualizing Your Integrated Data

LabKey Server provides a wide variety of visualization and reporting options to help users more quickly identify trends and patterns in their scientific data. Interactive visualization tools allow researchers to drill down into data of interest for deeper analysis of unique data points and create illustrations of data that can be shared with collaborators.

Quick Column Visualizations

Quick column charts are simple visualizations created directly within the data grid interface on LabKey Server to visually display a single column of data as a pie chart, bar chart, or box and whisker plot. Quick column charts are displayed above the data grid, and dynamically adjust to filters added to the column.

LabKey Server Quick Column Visualization for scientific data within data grids

Chart Builder

Users can create a wide variety of charts directly from their grids of data using the LabKey Server chart builder. The chart builder’s drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily create bar charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and box plots from the columns included in their data grid. Users also have the ability to customize the look and feel of their visualizations.

LabKey Server Chart Designer for creating data visualizations

Column Summary Statistics

Data columns within a data grid can also be summarized quickly using LabKey Server’s Column Summary Statistics.

Column Summary Statistics

Metrics include:

  • Count (non-blank)
  • Count (blank) *
  • Count (distinct) *
  • Sum
  • Mean
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Median *
  • Median Absolute Deviation (MAD) *
  • Standard Deviation (of Mean) *
  • Standard Error (of Mean) *
  • Quartiles (Lower, Upper, and Interquartile Range) *

*Included in Premium Editions of LabKey Server

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