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LabKey offers custom software development services to Premium Edition clients who would like to extend LabKey Server beyond its existing functionality. Our development team works with clients to understand their needs, develop system requirements, and deliver a custom solution for their unique research environment. LabKey employs a highly iterative, scenario-driven, user-centered approach to ensure we solve your highest priority problems first, with user-pleasing results, predictable costs and well-understood deliverables.

Integrate Diverse Systems

Integrate Existing Resources and Systems

LabKey Server integrates with a variety of research tools and systems. Customize LabKey Server to integrate with your unique research ecosystem.

HIPAA FISMA compliance

Address Your Specific Needs and Priorities

Extend the LabKey Server platform to meet the functionality and workflow needs of your unique research environment.

Provide Development Input

Get Directly Involved in the Development Process

Define your solution and provide feedback every step of the way, ensuring that your custom solution meets your expectations.

Long-Term Partnership

Develop a Lasting Partnership

As your development partner, we work to understand your long-term vision and develop solutions that are prepared to evolve with your environment.

“LabKey’s people are experts in translating complex needs into practical software. They have worked closely with our statisticians and our internal IT staff to create a system that enables collaborators to analyze, validate and share datasets from labs and clinics around the globe, as they are collected. This tight collaboration enables researchers to build on each other’s work much more rapidly. I think it is key to accelerating the pace of new discoveries.”
Dr. Steve Self, Executive Director, SCHARP


Project Highlight: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and FDA MyStudies Mobile App

Project Background In 2017, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute (HPHCI) was selected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the FDA-Catalyst program to lead the development of a mobile application, called FDA MyStudies, that would facilitate the collection of real-world data directly from patients to support clinical trials, observational studies, and registries. The effort [...]

Built for Science: Pooling Data for a Better Understanding of Rare Disease

Rare diseases are broad in phenotypic traits and far reaching in impact. Today, approximately 7,000 different rare diseases affect an estimated 350 million individuals worldwide.¹ Difficulty in the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases stems from a lack of available data about any one disease at any one research site. The volume of data […]

Genomics England and LabKey: Creating and securing “a dialogue between the clinical context and researchers.”

In late 2015, Genomics England began working with LabKey to develop a LabKey Server-based data management and exploration portal that would facilitate the knowledge sharing dialogue between clinicians and researchers as part of the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project. The 100,000 Genomes Project, as characterized by Genomics England’s Chief Technology Officer, Jim Davies, is intended to […]

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