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LabKey Server helps mange NAb assay data

Overcoming Key Challenges in NAb Data Management

Biopharmaceuticals are increasingly being prescribed for a variety of diseases, from autoimmune disorders such as arthritis to neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s. Neutralizing antibody (NAb) assays are a critical component of biopharmaceutical development, helping inform researchers of potential product efficacy and patient safety. Having reproducible, repeatable NAb assay results will improve the product research pipeline and ultimately impact trial and patient outcomes. For this reason, efficient NAb data management is more important than ever to biomedical researchers.

With the advancement of plate and instrument technologies, NAb assays provide a high-throughput mechanism of evaluating the potential immunogenicity of the drugs they study. Teams must be able to set up plates accurately, produce consistent analyses, ensure appropriate quality controls, and keep track of data provenance in order to deliver NAb assay results that are reproducible, comparable, and reliable.¹ LabKey Server helps teams overcome core challenges in generating reliable NAb data in the following ways.

Facilitating Good Record Keeping Practices

LabKey Server helps scientists maintain good record keeping by:

  • Directly importing instrument-derived results files and collating them into an analysis dashboard
  • Improving data integrity by associating raw data files and results
  • Providing a built-in graphical template designer that allows users to quickly create new plate layouts (supporting options for cross- or single-plate dilutions, and single- or multiple virus plates)

Streamlining NAb Data Analysis & QC

Improve the consistency and ease of NAb data management and analysis using LabKey Server by:

  • Automatically calculating and generating neutralization curves and titers
  • Removing ill-fitted and otherwise unsuitable data and maintaining those changes for future quality assurance
  • Translating complex plate maps with dilutions and/or multiple viruses into the NAb dashboard so that results of each run may be viewed and graphed on a per-virus basis

Enabling Collaborative Analysis

LabKey Server can help researchers collaborate and share NAb data by:

  • Centralizing raw file storage and analysis in a secure web-based interface
  • Providing an interactive NAb Dashboard for collaborators to interrogate the data
  • Integrating NAb data with other data types, presenting users with a comprehensive view

High-throughput 384-well NAb assays may contain hundreds of samples with dilutions across plates or within a single plate and the resulting graphs and views can be complex. The LabKey NAb Assay tools provide quick visual feedback allowing you to confirm a valid run or immediately correct and rerun if necessary. To learn more about using LabKey Server to manage NAb data, check out the NAb documentation library on the LabKey Support Portal or request a demo.