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LabKey Then & Now: GeekWire Highlights LabKey’s Evolution

Long-time partners of LabKey know our story well; born out of Fred Hutch, the LabKey platform was developed to help research teams make sense of the large volumes of research data being generated by high-throughput proteomics analysis techniques.

While our mission is still the same, the platform has greatly expanded over the last 13 years to support new data types, analysis methods, and research disciplines from rare disease investigation to large-molecule drug development. In their recent article, GeekWire highlights LabKey’s evolution from a 3-person team in a Fred Hutch office to the self-sustaining solutions provider we are today.

LabKey’s motivation hasn’t changed a bit. “Every one of our customers you would want to be wildly successful,” said [LabKey CEO,] Michael Gersch. “Because they’re helping humanity. That’s what’s so neat about what we get to do.”

Read the full article on to learn more about the history of LabKey and our vision for what’s next.

Original Article
Thorne, James. “How Fred Hutch spinout LabKey bootstrapped its way to compete in health care’s big data.” GeekWire, December 28, 2018,