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LabKey Supports Total Cancer Care Protocol at City of Hope

City of Hope LogoPrecision medicine for the treatment of cancer involves integrating, aligning and providing access to a multitude of data types. This includes patient data, whole genome or exome sequences, specific tumor sequences, specimen records from dozens of blood draws, biopsies, and more. A recently published case study outlines how LabKey Server provides data integration, analysis and collaboration tools to City of Hope as they treat patients using the Total Cancer Care Protocol. Working within the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) consortium, the goal of this project is to bring together clinical and genomic data, making it available across the entire City of Hope enterprise where it can be used to improve precision-based therapies.

LabKey at City of Hope

LabKey Server integrates with existing data warehouse systems at City of Hope, provides users with graphical access to querying and reporting, as well as API access for developers and users performing more advanced analysis techniques. There are two main components to how City of Hope is using LabKey Server:

  1. Data aggregation from disparate sources and alignment with patient information
  2. Management of the workflow process itself, including automated import and scripted transformation of data.

More than just a software vendor, LabKey also supports City of Hope’s needs for team collaboration solutions, API development, and workflow integration, with an audit system that supports regulatory compliance. Looking ahead, LabKey solutions offer the expansion and flexibility required for scaling the City of Hope and ORIEN networks into broader use.

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