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Google Cloud FDA MyStudies

Google Cloud Integrates with FDA MyStudies

Google Cloud recently announced that they are working to expand FDA MyStudies, an open-source technology platform that supports research organizations as they collect and report real-world data for regulatory submissions. LabKey provides the backend data management for FDA my studies via a dispersed data model that securely partitions personally identifying information to help ensure patient privacy.

Google Cloud FDA MyStudiesWith Google Cloud, organizations will now have another alternative to securely host their deployment of MyStudies. This secure hosting provides organizations with safeguards in the ownership and management of data in their studies including the ability to select which of its researchers and clinicians are able to access what data, and to help optimize the use of that data as directed by participants.

In developing the FDA MyStudies platform, LabKey Server was selected as the data management partner due to its flexible open architecture and ability to securely handle personal health information in a compliant manner. LabKey Server also provides role-based governance of the data stored on the Registration and Response servers to ensure that data is only accessible to authorized users. 

At LabKey, we are excited to learn about the integration with Google Cloud and look forward to having an additional option for secure hosting of the FDA MyStudies platform.  

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