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LabKey acts as an informatics partner for large research organizations that need to make sense of the flood of complex data produced by modern biomedical research techniques, from ‘omics to clinical record mining. We develop custom software solutions that enable scientists to integrate, analyze and securely share their data and expertise, opening doors to new discoveries and broader collaborations.  We understand that software is just one ingredient of success, so we tackle the whole picture, not just the bits.

Top software talent

Members of the LabKey team have worked together since 1989 in lead technical roles at Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and BEA Systems. Our software development experience spans a variety of well-known tools, including EndNote, BEA WebLogic Workshop, Amazon's data warehouse, and Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, Access, Visio, Excel, Windows, Visual Studio, and XBox. Team members have received 27 software patents, completed 5 PhDs, and published a multitude of peer-reviewed papers.

Focused on biomedicine

Working with life scientists like you is all we do. It's what we love to do.  After collective decades of working hand-in-hand with scientists, we're good at diving into your projects quickly and smoothly.

Outstanding track record

LabKey Software spun out of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2005 to make the LabKey Server open source platform more widely accessible and ensure the system's long-term support.  Since that time, we've acted as an informatics partner for a long list of leading research organizations.  Projects include ITN TrialShare, the Atlas Science Portal, and the Collaborative DataSpace.

Open source

Taking an open source approach multiplies the benefits of software investments for the scientific community. All users build on more than a decade of past investments in the platform.

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