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LabKey Server at MESA-ICEMR

The Malaria Evolution in South Asia (MESA) International Center for Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR) is a multinational collaboration that investigates how malaria parasite adaptability affects virulence, immunity, and drug resistance across India. The MESA-ICEMR installation of LabKey Server facilitates collection and analysis of experimental data; integration of clinical and laboratory data from diverse field sites; and real-time data access across continents.

In collaboration with LabKey, the group has used LabKey Server’s assay infrastructure to develop custom, web-based workflows that standardize data collection for parasite experiments. These workflows enable consistent data acquisition, immediate quality control, and real-time data access, visualization and reporting. They help the MESA-ICEMR team execute and interpret complex experiments that involve as many as 5000 data entries per experiment per sample and last as long as 60 days, including malaria diagnostic tests, PCR, drug sensitivity tests, and adaptation and selection experiments.

The MESA-ICEMR LabKey Server also eases data synthesis by enabling the team to combine parasite information captured in LabKey Server SDMS software with demographic and clinical data captured in REDCap.

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