LabKey Biologics software hub for biotech and pharma R&D data

Barriers to R&D Productivity: Lacking a Central Point of Access to Data

Developing a biologic therapeutic requires the coordinated efforts of many team members. From concept to confirmation, each stage involves the generation, analysis, and dissemination of large quantities of data between the members of your research and development team.

Creating a central point of access for data generated across team members streamlines data sharing and significantly improves your team’s productivity. LabKey Biologics serves as a “single source of truth” for R&D data, from details about molecular entities to the samples that have been generated and the experiments that have been run. One of the productivity benefits of implementing LabKey Biologics is the clarity it provides to team members about where to store data and where to find data.

Team Members Know Where to Store Their Data

Labkey Biologics provides a central storage location to increase data access.

Without a data sharing hub, team members often find themselves relying on several different distribution methods to disseminate data to different groups, adding steps to the data sharing process and slowing productivity. Providing a central system for data storage that is accessible by all team members provides data generators with a consistent, repeatable process for distributing data. With LabKey Biologics, team members can centrally manage all of the data they generate about entity designs, biological samples, and analytical results, as well as group data by experiment and add relevant metadata to enhance discoverability.

LabKey Biologics provides a central, searchable portal to find R&D dataTeam Members Know Where to Find Data

A central point of access for research data eliminates the wasted time searching for data in a variety of different storage locations (emails, local drives, cloud-based file shares…). Team members using LabKey Biologics can rely on the consistent data structures established by the system to locate data of interest and omni-bar searching to easily locate row level data within datasets.

With LabKey Biologics, teams can reduce the time spent on tedious data management tasks and devote more time to discovery. Request a demo of LabKey Biologics LIMS.