Compare LabKey Server Editions

LabKey offers four primary editions of the LabKey Server platform to meet varying needs of our users. Premium editions of LabKey Server include professional support services as well as advanced  functionality.

FREE$49,000/year$87,000/yearContact Us
Base LabKey Server Feature Suite with Source Code and InstallersXXXX
Custom LabKey Server DistributionXXX
Extended Look-and-Feel CustomizationXXX
Module Editor in Development ModeXX
Support for Multiple Groups / External PartnersX
Cloud HostingAdd-OnStarterProfessionalProfessional
Data Processing
Base LabKey Server Pipelines (e.g. Mass Spectrometry, Flow Cytometry)XXXX
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) ProcessingXXX
Assay Quality Control and Trend ReportingXXX
Automatic Pipeline Triggers upon File AvailabilityXXX
Anti-virus Scanner IntegrationXXX
Document Abstraction Workflow and Curation SystemX
Natural Language Processing PipelineX
Support for Ontologies/Controlled VocabulariesX
Direct Integration
External Analytics via ODBC (Tableau, Excel, Access, SSRS, MATLAB)Add-OnXX
Amazon RedshiftAdd-OnXX
Spotfire via JDBCAdd-OnXX
File Management with Amazon S3Add-OnXX
Plotly Dash IntegrationAdd-OnXX
Built-In Database AuthenticationXXXX
LDAP AuthenticationXXX
Single Sign-On Protocols: CAS, SAMLXXX
Two-Factor Authentication via DuoXXX
HIPAA, FISMA, CFR Part 11 Compliance Support
Electronic SignaturesX
Dynamic Terms of UseX
Managed Access to PHI/PII Based on Security RolesX
Logging of all PHI/PII Accesses and User AssertionsX
Compliance Cloud HostingAdd-On
Compliance installation and support (self-hosted in cloud or on-premise)X
Online Documentation, Tutorials, Videos and Community ForumXXXX
Premium Documentation and Example Code ResourcesXXX
Custom Training for Users/AdministratorsXXX
Custom Training for DevelopersXX
Access to Public Forums & DocumentationXXXX
Response Time for Fixes and/or Investigation of Client-Reported BugsPriority 3Priority 2Priority 1
Regular Meetings with Dedicated Account ManagerMonthlyBi-WeeklyWeekly+
On-Going Maintenance of Client-Funded FeaturesXXX
Private Support PortalXXX
Installation, Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting, and Upgrade AssistanceXXX
Hardware, Software, Security, and Data Management RecommendationsXXX
Export DiagnosticsXXX
Development Recommendations, Code Reviews, and TroubleshootingXX
System Architecture and Design Guidance from LabKey PrincipalsX

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