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Securely store integrated data in centralized repository for access and analysis

Collaboration demands a centralized data strategy, where geographically dispersed teams can share results and insights throughout the research process. LabKey Server collects data scattered across multiple storage systems and complex workflows into a centralized repository, without disrupting the way the data is being collected and processed. By pulling in data from diverse systems, LabKey Server allows you to make connections between data sets and see all of your data collection points as a whole. 

Synchronize with Existing Systems

LabKey Server can synchronize with existing systems such as REDCap, SAS and other database systems, LIMS inventories, and file systems. As these systems collect and update their data, the unified view in LabKey Server is updated, so you can create live views on incoming data.

For more information on synchronizing LabKey Server with existing systems, read related documentation available on the LabKey Support Portal:

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This type of data repository must be able to handle large volumes of data and a growing number of participating labs. LabKey Server’s robust database architecture and experienced team of developers ensure the scalability needed to support networks as they grow.

Flexible Hosting Options

LabKey provides flexible hosting options for your data repository. LabKey Server can be hosted by LabKey in a cloud-based environment or deployed locally if your data requires advanced security and full hosting control.

Documentation & Support Resources

Feature tours, documentation and community forums are available to help you get the most out of your LabKey Server installation. Visit the LabKey Support Portal to access these resources and more.

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